Every once in a while in our travels, we meet people with an energy that is so palpable that it’s inspiring. Last year, at almost exactly this time, Chris and I were in Iceland on an overland trek with Arctic Trucks. Before we set out, we had a day in Reykjavik to explore. One of [...]


I’ve been away for a long time – we took a brief break from our traveling.  I had a huge family reunion to attend in Canada and Christian stayed in Port Elizabeth and took the opportunity to learn how to fly and get his pilot’s license. He’s always wanted to fly and this time off [...]


Chris, Dan and I had nothing to do today and it’s Sunday, so we spent the day driving to Graaff Reinet and Nieu Bethesda. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from Port Elizabeth and there are loads of fossils and dinosaur bones in the area. At one point in my childhood, I wanted to be [...]


We encounter so many delicious things in our travels that I thought it would be worth starting to share some of them. This particular dish, the potjie (pronounced poy-key) is something we’ve tried several times and today we finally tried making one ourselves. Originating from the Voortrekkers which they inherited from their Dutch ancestors and [...]


While we were in Dubai we became inspired (By Andreas who owns Kcal) to eat better than we have been the past little while. Kcal, is based on the paleolithic (caveman) diet. The premise there is that our bodies work better when we feed it what it’s meant to be fed. Looking to the diet [...]


Several months ago, we visited New Beginnings in Plettenburg Bay. We were so moved and impressed by Celia and her children and we wanted to do more. Last month, Christian’s mother celebrated her 70th birthday and she was so inspired by our meeting with Celia at New Beginnings that she donated her birthday to the [...]


We ordered some new wildtreks stickers at Express Signs Plett and he gave us a stack of these


Until a few weeks ago, i couldnt tell you what the coolest thing i’ve done is, mostly because i’ve had so many wonderful experiences in my life and it would be too hard to choose. Today, I am officially a skydiver. After straping a parachute to my back, jumping out of an airplane, freefalling from [...]


Today, we wish Christian’s mom, Greta, a very happy birthday. Here is to your health, happiness and wealth. We wish we were there to celebrate with you. BIG hugs xo


I’ve always loved rhinos and seeing one recently made me love these animals even more. These gentle animals have always reminded me of prehistoric creatures and it was awe-inspiring to watch one from afar. Imagine rhinos becoming extinct before our children or grandchildren get a chance to see one… Since we’ve been in South Africa, [...]